Stroller for Your Maltese Dog


Using a stroller for your Maltese dog

Is this  GOOD or BAD idea? I think there are positives and negatives of using the stroller for your Maltese dog. If your Maltese is a puppy using a stroller may work very well especially when you want to take him for a longer walk or even for a trip out of the city. I prefer to take my puppy for a regular walk just so he/she can get a daily exercise.  I want him/her to get tired and to sleep better.

But how about the older Maltese dog?  My Maltese is already 13 years old and still very active. We walk daily between 1/2 hr to 1 hr. He is perfectly OK. But, he is getting tired on a very hot day. If I would like to go for the much longer walks I would consider the dog stroller because of the convenience. Maltese are small dogs, but caring a 7 lbs dog in your arms is not an option. The same would apply if they have any health issues and just can’t walk. I would like to make my dog happy  and let him enjoy the walk even if this mean using the stroller.

There are also other circumstances where the stroller may be a good idea, for example, if you want to protect your dog from the weather conditions or even from the bigger dogs. I’m really worried about my Maltese when the bigger dogs are approaching us.  In the most cases they are friendly and just want to play, but sometimes the dogs can be unpredictable in the way they behave. My Maltese is panicking when they come close. In situations like this using the dog’s stroller would be also a great idea.

There may be many more situations that would justify using a stroller and although it may look silly to see a dog in the stroller I’m in favor of using it.

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