How To Create A Personalized Maltese Dog Mug

how to create a personalize Maltese dog mug
Would you like to know how to create a personalized Maltese dog mug with your favor pet, just like the one below?



It is really simple. Here are the 4 easy steps to follow:

Step 1. Click on this link HERE

or on the image below and you will be taken to this screen:

Personalized maltese dog mug



Step 2. Enter the name of your pet in the box “Name Here”

For example – “Roxy” or “Love You Roxy

[yellowbox]Please note that if you have a long name or a lot of characters in your name you may go outside of the preview box, but don’t worry because we will resize the name to fit perfectly below your picture before we print it.[/yellowbox]

Step 3. Upload your pet’s picture

Upload the picture from your computer or from your phone by clicking on “click here” link.

This picture has to be either “png” or “jpeg” file. How to know if your picture is png or jpeg? Simple right click on your picture, the pop-up window will show up,  scroll down to the last position “Properties”. Click on it and you will get a small window with the information about your picture. The 1st at the top says “Type of File” and next to it you can see PNG or JPEG, just like in the picture below:

Now knowing you have the right type of the file go ahead and upload the picture by clicking on “click here” and choosing the picture you want to upload from your computer or the phone:

You will be asked to crop your picture by moving the white square with your cursor to the part of the picture you want to be visible on your mug:

If you are happy with the way it looks just click “Crop Now” button and your picture will be uploaded to the mug. In case you don’t like this picture you just uploaded, you can try another one by clicking again on “Click Here” link and simply choosing another picture.

Here is mine:

Step 4. Click the green “Add to cart” button

Complete the payment information:

This is it! Your mug will be printed and shipped to you.

The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, they are printed and shipped from the USA:

The delivery takes 7-12 days max and they have 100% satisfaction guaranteed in case you are not happy:

So this is all you have to do to get this cute personalized mug with your favor Maltese dog or any other pet you want. Now you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in this personalized mug with your Maltese dog or puppy.

Here is what I created (click on the image):