How To Groom Your Maltese Dog at Home Video

How to groom your Maltese Dog at home video will show you step by step how you can do this at home. As you will see she is very gentle with her dog and the dog allows her to do it. There are pluses and minuses to this method and I advise you to be careful so you don’t hurt your dog. Maltese dogs are the fragile bread and have to be treated this way.

Watch How To Groom Your Maltese Dog at Home Video

I’m grooming my Maltese dog at home all his life. It was an easy task when he was still a puppy but as he grew older, this became more challenging for me. I’m not sure why but he didn’t enjoy it anymore. He doesn’t like the bath or to be combed, he is a sensitive dog in general. He was always scared of other dogs and was never a fan of staying at home alone. So, I just assumed this is his personality…after all, they are all different just like us, humans.

I’m not against the professional grooming services at all and for me, this was a choice I made to do the grooming at home. I know my dog and how stressed he was even with the annual vet visits, so I didn’t want to create more anxiety for him. But you decide what’s best for you and your Maltese.

The Maltese dog you see in this video it’s much bigger than my dog. My Maltese’s weight was never more than 8-9 lbs. His bones are very thin and fragile, so I was afraid he can be hurt easily if the groomer is not gentle with him. Right now he is already 16th years old and even skinnier because of the problems with his spine, but that’s the age. In human years he would be already 80 years old.