Grieving my Maltese dog

Maltese Dog Cakes and Cupcakes Designs

If you are a Maltese dog fan as I am, you will enjoy checking these cute Maltese dog cakes and cupcakes designs I found online. They are perfect for the birthday parties for kids but also great for adults pet lovers. I sure wouldn’t mind one of them for my birthday!


How To Groom Your Maltese Dog at Home Video

How to groom your Maltese Dog at home video will show you step by step how you can do this at home. As you will see she is very gentle with her dog and the dog allows her to do it. There are pluses and minuses to this method and I advise you to be […]


The Best Dog Food for Maltese

  Maltese Dogs Food Tips Have you ever ask yourself “What is the best food for my Maltese“? Do you know what to feed your precious dog to keep him/her healthy? I asked this question myself when my Maltese got sick. It didn’t cross my mind he’ve got sick because of the food he was  eating.  […]


Tips on Driving With Your Dog

Are you taking your Maltese dog for the car rides…then make sure you are using proper Maltese dog car seat and also follow some of the guidance listed in the infographic below (click on the image to enlarge it):  


Maltese Dog Lovers Tee To Show Your Love

Special Maltese Dog Lovers T-shirts! Are you a proud owner of Maltese dog? These cute Maltese dog lovers t-shirts may be for you! Show your love for your sweetheart or give it away as a gift to Maltese lovers in your life.

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